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Recovery from Eyelid Surgery

KU2Following your eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), some moderate swelling and minor bruising can be expected, but this should dissipate over the course of about one to two weeks. To help diminish both of these postoperative symptoms, keeping your head in an elevated position for the first few days of recovery is typically recommended. Additionally, gently applying a cold compress to the eyelids within the first 24 hours of recovery may also help reduce these common side effects more quickly.

Some initial discomfort or soreness in the treatment area is normal and can generally be managed with pain medication. Certain incisions made during the procedure may appear pink and somewhat noticeable as they heal, but their coloring and visibility should fade over time. Most patients are able to return to everyday activities within a few days after surgery, though many choose to wait at least seven to ten days before returning to public and/or work.

Ultimately, every patient heals differently, so it is important to keep in mind that postoperative symptoms and timeframes will vary for each individual. Based on your unique needs and goals, our experienced facial plastic surgeons can provide a more personalized outline of what to expect following eyelid surgery at the time of your consultation.

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