Facial Implants

Achieving improved facial harmony is the ultimate goal of facial plastic surgery procedures. Many of our patients present requesting rhinoplasty or face lift to reshape the nose and restore youthful contours to the jawline and neck. While these procedures make dramatic improvements, the results may be further improved with attention to the chin region (mentoplasty). Mentoplasty is usually performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty or face lift surgery but may be performed in isolation. Chin augmentation improves facial harmony by addressing a weak chin and reducing the apparent size of the nose after rhinoplasty. It also enhances jawline definition and minimizes jowling when performed with a face lift.

Though cheek implants were commonly used in the past to enhance the cheekbones, they are less popular now with the advent of long lasting injectable soft tissue fillers such as Resylane® Lyft and Sculptra®. Unlike premanufactured implants, injectable fillers give our surgeons the ability to customize facial recontouring and volume enhancement to meet each patient’s individual needs.

One of the most recognizable and visible aspects of a person’s appearance is the profile. Let Dr. J. David Kriet and Dr. Clinton D. Humphrey evaluate you for profile enhancement with mentoplasty or injectable fillers. Contact our Kansas City plastic surgery practice to schedule a consultation.