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Because each face makes a first and often lasting impression, facial plastic surgery profoundly affects patients’ outlook on life. This opportunity to have a significant impact on patients’ lives has led Drs. J. David Kriet and Clinton D. Humphrey to practice facial plastic surgery. As academic surgeons at The University of Kansas Health System, which is nationally recognized, our plastic surgeons perform state-of- the-art techniques that they also teach to surgeons in the region and around the world.


Restoring or renewing your facial appearance requires not only a innovative surgeon but a talented artist as well, and Drs. Kriet and Humphrey have the artistic vision needed to produce remarkable results.

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KU Facial Plastic Patient

In August of 2003, I participated in my first co-ed slow pitch game. I had played countless games of traveling fast pitch softball, so I thought a slow pitch game would be like any other softball game. While playing at third base, I was hit it the face with a line drive that barely tipped off my glove. My hometown doctor referred me to Dr. Kriet because of the seriousness of the injury. After looking at the CT scans Dr. Kriet told me that I had broken ten bones in my face and that my injuries were similar to ones that he had seen from car accidents…

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Kelli – Grateful Patient of Dr. David Kriet

KU Facial Plastic Patient

I was experiencing some severe discomfort and health issues due to some previous injuries. The problem with my nose started with injuries which occurred when I was in pre-school and, again, while playing basketball in middle school. I had a surgical repair when I was a teenager but over time, the bridge of my nose had collapsed and I wasn’t getting much air through my nose at all. I had a deviated septum and the bridge of my nose had collapsed…

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Stephanie – Grateful Patient of Dr. David Kriet

KU Facial Plastic Patient

On August 17, 2009, I was hit with a softball thrown by my varsity pitcher…and it came from “nowhere!” I have coached high school softball for 31 years and have never been injured while coaching. We were having an indoor practice and the situation was so shocking because there should not have been a ball traveling in the path to my face. It was like hitting a concrete wall without any warning. Wow…it stung!!! The ball hit me from behind on the right side of my face, causing an eye contusion and a broken nose. I immediately called for ice (cure for all athletic injuries) and a trainer…

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Sue – Grateful Patient of Dr. Humphrey

KU Facial Plastic Patient

I told my husband that all I wanted for my 50th birthday was to be able to have cosmetic surgery. Needless-to-say, for various reasons the surgery never happened. A few years later the company I was working for was closing its plants in Kansas City. So after working for 30 plus years and taking care of my family, I decided it was time for me to do something for myself. I had heard about Dr. Kriet from a friend so I decided to call his office and get an appointment…

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Helen – Grateful Patient of Dr. David Kriet

KU Facial Plastic Patient

I have been a runner for a long time, and when people ask me what kind of runner I tell them, “I am not a fast runner, or a slow runner. However, having said that, I have learned some principles of running, and one of them is to take the one mile or one telephone pole ‘at a time.’ Turning 50 years old was to me another flag pole, and I was going to take it just as running had taught me, this was a flag pole, a marker of a certain mile in my life…

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Christine – Grateful Patient of Dr. David Kriet


KU Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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