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Nasal Reconstruction

Restoring the form and function of the nose following skin cancer removal or traumatic injury is one of the greatest challenges in facial plastic surgery. Artistic vision, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail are required to achieve success. With these qualities and a special interest in this unique surgery, Dr. J. David Kriet and Dr. Clinton D. Humphrey perform world class nasal reconstruction for their patients. Many patients also seek consultation with our doctors following a previous attempt at nasal reconstruction or after previous rhinoplasty (see also revision rhinoplasty).

Fractures of Facial Bones

Some of the most frequently suffered fracture injuries involve trauma to the nose and/or mid-face. In addition to altering the nose’s cosmetic appearance, sudden blows to the delicate bones in the nasal structure can cause obstructed breathing, nasal congestion, loss of smell, a deviated septum, and other concerns. While not all nasal fractures require reconstructive surgery, the procedure can correct impaired function of the nasal structure and/or improve or restore its appearance. Individuals who have suffered a traumatic nasal injury and are having trouble breathing, or seek to amend the appearance of their nose, are generally good candidates for nasal reconstruction. It is often the case that the sooner a medical consultation takes place after the injury, the better the surgical outcome.

Nasal Reconstruction After Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can present anywhere on the body. Removal of skin cancer on the nose or face can leave disfiguring scars or a distorted appearance, necessitating the expertise of an experienced facial plastic surgeon to correct cosmetic deformities left after skin cancer. Drs. Kriet and Humphrey offer nasal reconstruction for patients with simple or complex cases of nasal malformation to restore a natural appearance to the nose and mid-face following skin cancer removal.

Benefits of Nasal Reconstruction

Patients seeking improved form or function of the nose can reap many benefits from reconstructive surgery. Depending on the unique needs of each individual, this procedure can achieve the following:

  • Correct damage from a nasal fracture or traumatic injury
  • Improve or restore the size, shape, and overall appearance of the nasal structure
  • Repair a deviated septum or other impaired nasal function
  • Restore normal breathing and sense of smell

Nasal reconstruction requires extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy and meticulous technique that can be utilized to evaluate the appropriate functional and aesthetic concerns in the nasal structure, and correct them with accuracy. If you are experiencing impairment from complex nasal trauma, our facial plastic surgeons encourage you to schedule a consultation at our practice.

The Nasal Reconstruction Procedure

The nasal reconstruction procedure varies depending on the nature of facial trauma suffered and the surgical goals of each patient. Drs. Kriet and Humphrey employ advanced surgical strategies personalized for each individual’s respective needs to achieve an exceptional and natural-looking result. During your consultation, a treatment plan will be developed to address the cosmetic concerns and functional deficiencies in the nasal structure. Our facial plastic surgeon will then precisely rebuild the nasal cartilage, structural framework, and skin tissue to create an optimal surgical outcome. Depending on your injury, a skin flap or skin graft may be necessary. The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia.

Recovery after Nasal Reconstruction

The exact length of your recovery period will depend on the unique aspects of your surgery. You will receive detailed post-operative instructions personally; however, patients should generally expect some bruising and swelling in the mid-face for two to three days after surgery. Rest is essential after the procedure, and strenuous activity should be avoided for at least two weeks.

Cost of Nasal Reconstruction

The cost of nasal reconstruction is customized for each patient and ultimately depends on your evaluation. Insurance may provide partial or full coverage for the procedure if a traumatic injury has impaired breathing function, you require reconstructive surgery after skin cancer removal, or another medical necessity exists. Factors that can affect the cost of surgery may include:

  • The complexity of your treatment plan
  • Anesthesia and medication fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility fees
  • Surgeon’s fees

Our office can inform you of the expected procedural costs and available financial options at the time of consultation. Please do not hesitate to raise any concerns with a member of our team.

If you are considering nasal reconstruction, Dr. J. David Kriet and Dr. Clinton D. Humphrey can help you restore the structure, function, and appearance of your nose. Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation.