Revision Rhinoplasty

For some patients, an initial rhinoplasty surgery may fail to produce the desired effect, and the patient may opt to have a second, revision procedure. Revision rhinoplasty requires a greater level of expertise and precision because the original structure of the nose has been changed. Dr. J. David Kriet and Dr. Clinton D. Humphrey are experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons with specialized training in both revision rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction.

Patients choose to undergo revision rhinoplasty for a number of reasons, including:

  • Original condition was not resolved or improved
  • Breathing problems were not corrected or were exacerbated
  • Initially pleased with surgical results but the nose has changed over time
  • Nose injured or reinjured following previous surgery

Revision rhinoplasty frequently involves rebuilding the nose or a portion of the nose with cartilage grafts taken from other areas of the body such as the rib or ear. Revision procedures often take longer to complete than primary rhinoplasty; however, recovery time is typically similar to that of primary rhinoplasty.

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation for revision rhinoplasty from our Kansas City and Overland Park-area plastic surgeons.