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Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement can improve the entire facial aesthetic by making the lips appear more youthful and sensual. Also referred to as lip augmentation, lip enhancement is a way of adding volume to the lips and giving them more defined contours. There are a variety of lip enhancement treatments at our Kansas City and Johnson County, Kansas practice that can help you attain your goals with beautiful results.

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Lip Enhancement Treatment Options

A number of cosmetic injectable treatments are available that can be used to plump up and recontour the lips. Many of these procedures take no more than a lunch hour to perform, and the results are often immediate and long-lasting.

Injectable dermal fillers such as Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Perlane® are some of the most popular treatments used for lip enhancement. Injections with an ultra-fine needle are performed to add volume and contour in treatment sessions that typically last 30 minutes or less. Results are almost instantaneous and patients can usually return to normal daily activities immediately, with no downtime.

Another technique for lip enhancement that is gaining in popularity is fat injection (fat grafting). This procedure utilizes fat harvested from another area of your body. These fat cells are injected into the lips for added volume, and the results are known to be extremely long-lasting.

Patients can usually expect some bruising or mild swelling after lip enhancement treatment; however, these side effects should fade significantly within a few days after the procedure. Results from lip enhancement can be maintained for very long periods of time with occasional “touch-up” treatments.

Lip enhancement is a minimally invasive way of giving your entire face a more youthful, sensual, and natural appearance. If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our facial plastic surgeons for lip enhancement, please contact our practice.