BOTOX® Cosmetic

Regardless of the steps taken to preserve youthful-looking skin, it is inevitable that wrinkles and lines will eventually develop. One of the easiest and most popular options for removing these lines is BOTOX® Cosmetic. Kansas City patients who come into our office for BOTOX® Cosmetic can achieve improvement in frown lines between the eyes and on the forehead, as well as crow’s feet and wrinkles at the base of the nose. BOTOX® Cosmetic has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration since 2002 for the safe and effective reduction of facial wrinkles.

How BOTOX® Cosmetic Works

Every time a person frowns, smiles, or squints, facial muscles contract and move the skin. Over time, these repeated movements cause permanent wrinkles in the skin. To reduce these wrinkles, Dr. Kriet and Dr. Humphrey use a very small needle to inject BOTOX® Cosmetic into the muscles involved in the wrinkling. BOTOX® Cosmetic causes these muscles to relax, thereby softening or eliminating the frown lines. Our Doctors administer BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments at both locations; total treatment time is usually 10 to 15 minutes.

After a BOTOX® injection, patients may immediately return to their normal activities. They will start to see the amazing effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic within a few days, and continue to enjoy their results for three to five months before further treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic is necessary. Many of our Kansas City patients report that after several treatments, the effectiveness of each BOTOX® injections can last for up to eight months.

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation for BOTOX® Cosmetic at our Kansas City, Johnson County, and Overland Park office.